Assessor’s Office, Salt Lake County Utah

Salt Lake County Assessor's Office 2001 South State Street N2-600, Salt Lake City, Utah 84190 385-468-8000

Enter at least the first three letters, ex. "ZEN", of the owner name, not the business name, unless both are the same. If searching by first and last name, Enter the last name, followed by a comma, and then the first name. i.e. Doe, John

Frontage Number
Steet Name or Number
Type or Direction

Enter at least the Frontage number or street name to begin searching. This will return all records with a like value. Also, you could enter an owner name and then, either the number, direction, name, or type. You can also search by just the Frontage number or Street name.

Please enter the first 10 digits. Optionally followed by the last four "Encumberance" numbers. If you want to search for every parcel number on a certain block, enter only the first seven(7) digits of the parcel number. The first four digits are the Area and Section numbers, the next 3 are the block numbers. Example '0933376'

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  • Use the Name, Address or Parcel ID fields on the left to perform your Parcel Search. The Results will be presented as a list of parcels that can be sorted in various ways.