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Business Personal Property

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Click below to pay Business Personal Property Tax, Mobile Home Taxes, or  Aircraft Tax and Fees online.

The fees associated with this service are:

  • Credit card and MasterCard debit card Fee: $2.00 minimum or 2.5% of transaction, whichever is greater.
  • E-Check Fee: $3 per transaction of $10,000 or less. $15.00 per transaction over $10,000
  • Visa debit card: $3.95 per transaction

NOTE: Official Payments Corporation, NOT Salt Lake County, retains these fees.

You must still file the annual business personal property declaration by mail even if you pay online. Failure to file the declaration timely will still trigger a non-filing penalty.

If you reached this page to pay the tax on your home (or any other real property) please click on the "County Home" link to the left and choose the County Treasurer's page.

Business peronal property is not considered "real estate" or "improvements.
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Business Personal Property / Mobile Homes
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